Exotic World’s Priciest Watches

For those who love fashion and have a keen eye for detailing, you probably already know that world’s priciest watches are not cheap. Indeed, when we think of these items, the first thing that comes to mind is the diamond encrusted Swatch. It costs more than a million dollars! While we’re on the subject of diamonds, there’s another type of precious stone that is becoming extremely popular with watch owners. Platinum is beginning to rival diamonds in popularity because it is extremely hard to scratch, doesn’t tarnish, and is very durable.

When the rich and famous go shopping for youngwatch2.com luxury items, one of their purchases are watches. In fact, many of the planet’s most ostentatious handbags and watches are simply high-priced baubles that appeal to rich and famous people. These people may sport flashy, ostentatious handbags, but the one thing they definitely do not have is a chronograph that will allow them to tell time accurately. For the rich and famous, this can be quite a limitation. Nevertheless, the rich and famous have an alternative – they purchase an exquisite handbag or other luxury item such as a grande complication watch with a chronograph that is also extremely hard to find.

No, you probably don’t have to own a diamond bracelet or have a direct line to some famous celebrity. It may surprise you to learn that the world’s most expensive diamonds are collected by ordinary people. You might have noticed that celebrities often wear jewelry that is extremely expensive. The reason for this is because diamonds are so rare and require such high temperatures that only a select few diamonds can be used to create them. If you want to join the elite club and own a diamond bracelet, it would be best to find a store that exclusively sells diamonds.

The next item on the list of world’s priciest watches is usually reserved for those who are involved in the sports of dressage. It takes an extraordinary level of skill to execute this sport without falling victim to an embarrassing fall or a split wrist. It takes a special kind of talent to master the complex positions required to ride a horse without falling. One of the most advanced methods of riding is the use of a mare’s chronograph or a minute repeater.

What is a minute repeater? It is a watch that is designed to help the rider keep track of the time. In fact, it is possible to buy a full range of riders’ equipment that features a grande complication as well as a tourbillon, yet these two items are usually designed to work separately. A grande complication piece of equipment will contain a mare’s chronograph and a tourbillon; while a tourbillon will contain a Breguet or a movement that works in conjunction with a grande complication piece of equipment.

The next item on the list of the world’s priciest watches is usually reserved for those involved in high profile events like horse racing. These kinds of athletes will often be carrying very expensive diamond accents. For instance, if the race is won by a distance runner with a time of 2 minutes, 6 seconds and a half, the winner will have a stone with the initials of his winning registrar engraved on it. This particular runner can have a minute repeater or a tourbillon as well as a Breguet. However, he would probably also have a Breguet as well as a Chopard.

Other examples of the world’s priciest watches include those that feature very extravagant handbags. For instance, the grande complication of a Breguet or a Chopard bag will likely include a diamond encrusted on the outside of the bag, rather than the inside of it. A Breguet for a racehorse would also have more diamonds on it than a Chopard for a runner. This is because the materials used to make these kinds of bags are usually much thicker than most purse materials.

Other examples of the world’s most lavish watches include ones that feature very luxurious leather bands. These kinds of watches would normally cost a lot more than a simple silver band. Some of them even feature genuine crocodile skin as well as diamond accents. In addition to that, many of these watches would have very ornate and complicated enamels. The combination of a diamond encrusted watch along with crocodile skin and other precious materials would set a grande timepiece apart from other luxury brand watches available in the market.