Conan Exiles Mods For you To Download

Conan Exiles mods are a great way to personalize your gaming experience. The top Conan Exiles mods available for download and testing in 2022 are listed below.

Conan Exiles is a difficult game to master, and many of its mechanics and regulations may appear onerous to some players. Mods are a great way to change the game so players can customize it to fit their scripts for Roblox. Conan Exiles mods abound, but we’ve chosen the greatest and most practical ones for gamers to try.

The game, an expansive open-world role-playing game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, mostly adheres to archaic RPG conventions that may turn off less experienced players. But with these Conan Exiles mods, every player can alter the game’s interface and gameplay to suit their preferences.

The Conan Exiles mods have been divided into three groups: character, customization, and gameplay mods. Players can choose the changes that appear best to them to enhance their experience in this way.

How to install modifications for Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles can have mods added by utilizing the Steam Workshop. Start by downloading the desired mods from the links below. Add numerous mods to your Steam Workshop Collection in order to install them all at once. From here, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Select the Steam Workshop in the game interface of your Steam account.
  • Look for the desired mod in the new window and click the green Install button.
  • Now that the installation process should start. Return to the Steam Workshop when finished.
  • Conan Exiles should have the mods applied when you restart the program and log back in.
  • Follow this guide to install mods if you’re playing an older version of Conan Exiles and not through Stream.

How to enable mods in Conan Exiles

You may enable mods in Conan Exiles by following these straightforward steps:

  • Go to the main menu of the game and scroll down about halfway.
  • Choose Mods from the menu.
  • This will open a menu that lists every mod that is presently installed on your computer.
  • Each mod can be added to the Active Mods list by selecting the arrow button on that mod.
  • To close the menu, click Apply Changes.
  • Conan Exiles mods are now active and available for your enjoyment, so congrats.

Are console versions of Conan Exiles mods available?

Mods are currently only available for the PC versions of Conan Exiles. Although Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are available, they are incompatible with the following mods.

Conan Exiles’ combat is entertaining, but mods can make it much better.

Characters in Conan Exiles

The following mods are made to customize the player character, either through changes to their skills and abilities or their appearance:

Expert Conan

By doubling the level cap, the Elite Conan mod allows players to level up to 100 and become gods among insects. This is a fun mod for people who wish to play Conan Exiles without restrictions and become the legendary Conan, even though some players may feel a little overpowered.

Endless weight

This mod allows you to carry as much as you like without overly burdening your character. This is practical because it enables you to travel with all your favorite accessories and cosmetics. Players that enjoy building things will benefit the most from it because they can take all of their materials with them without having to leave them anyplace. With this hack, you can permanently get rid of carry weight if it bothers or drains you.


This mod helps players pick up more objects, just as it says it will. The ability for users to pick up stuff they’ve used or spent money on is, however, the main draw. used all of your bricks, for instance, to construct a house? With this mod, you can pick these things back up and tear down that house. Players can choose not to build in the base game, although resources will still be used. The player becomes recycling royalty as a result.

Additional 25 Levels, 325 Attribute Points, and 333 Feats.

Conan Exiles’ level cap is increased by this mod from 50 to 75. In addition, the mod provides exactly what it states in the title, allowing you to choose how to use your 325 additional attribute points and 333 additional feats. It essentially enables you to create an end-game character from scratch without having to do any of the usual grinding.

Engaging Animations

This patch gives the game a variety of new animations to make it more realistic. The game will seem more authentic and immersive since NPCs and players will naturally include these animations into their move sets. It’s a terrific method to breathe new life into an old game; players can choose which animations they wish to add and which ones they can do without.


Players can climb anything they want without expending stamina thanks to this hack. Although climbing no longer uses stamina, jogging and combat still consume it. Nothing in Conan Exiles is more frustrating than running out of energy mid-large object climbing. This takes care of that concern and allows gamers to climb to their heart’s content.


While the blood and gore enhance the Conan Exiles experience, not every player will enjoy such things. In essence, this mod makes the game’s bloodless and more PG13-friendly. Although it makes all NPCs and player characters look extremely sweaty, which is awful in and of itself, it substitutes it with sweat and works pretty well.

Conan Exiles’ gameplay can be modified to the preferences of the user.

Mods for structures, goods, and personalization

The building and crafting mechanics of the game can be modified using the mods listed below. Here, we’ve also included mods that alter both the available objects and how the player uses them:


There is this well-known mod for those who enjoy building in Conan Exiles and don’t want to be constrained by the restrictions of the standard game. Players can modify the size of their creations using the Pythagoras mod, employing corners and slopes to build complicated structures. This mod is fantastic when used in conjunction with the other construction modifications.


ReCustomize is actually a character mod, however it allows you to modify the appearance of your character after the basic character creation selections. Your character is no longer forced to maintain the terrible beard you once liked but have since grown to detest.

You are never restricted to a certain appearance or collection of traits thanks to the ReCustomize mod, which lets you change your character’s appearance whenever you please.

Build everything.

This mod opens all crafting recipes right away after installation, doing away with the need to find or unlock them. Although the resources must be obtained by the player, the Craft all the items mod allows you to plan your build and cosmetics from the beginning. You can construct the item from the recipe once you have all the necessary ingredients.

A larger item stack

The Build All the Things mod mentioned above works very well with the larger item stack mod since it truly provides you with the materials you need to craft everything and everything. You can only hold 100 stuff in Conan Exiles vanilla mode, however this patch removes that restriction and allows you to stack up to 1000 goods. This will be plenty, we assure you.

Above and Beyond

Beyond Limits gives character tools that are much more configurable than what the developers had initially intended. If they so choose, gamers can use this mod to transform their characters in strange and weird ways. They can alter their avatar into a goblin-like creature or a towering monster. The mod takes character customisation beyond its intended limits and gives players complete creative freedom.

Building Without End

With the help of this mod, players are free to construct enormous and fantastic structures. What would often need several hours of farming and resource development is now available for use. Players are free to express their creativity, as this mod doesn’t place any limitations on constructing. Your imagination is the only restriction!

Stone Teleport

The Dragon’s Dogma-inspired rapid travel feature is added to the game by the Teleport Stone mod. You can farm Teleport Stones and use them to travel instantly to particular places.

As a result, players are no longer required to trek through hazardous terrain or perish in order to shift back to their villages. This mod’s biggest benefit is the time it saves players navigating the map.

No End to Durability

With this mod, armor and weapons are effectively indestructible and never need to be repaired or dismounted. While some people find durability to be a fun RPG aspect, others find it annoying. Due to the Unlimited Durability mod, players no longer have to be concerned about their gear deteriorating in the middle of a battle. It disables this aspect of the game, relieving gamers of one more concern.

Helmet hidden

This mod will be well-liked by players who spend time perfecting the face and hair of their avatars. They are still given the feeling of having a helmet on while walking about thanks to it. Players won’t have to cover their attractive faces or elaborate hairstyles in order to wear a helmet and benefit from its protection and buffs. It essentially renders your helmet invisible.

Players can maximize Conan Exiles’ stunning open world by using mods.

Mods for the Conan Exiles game

Instead of altering the character, item, or construction options, the following mods alter the gameplay as a whole:

Inactive mode

Conan Exiles can be played alone in offline mode for as long as you like. This enables users to quest and develop without being interrupted by other players while they independently explore the realm. This mod is a great method to make Conan Exiles into your own private playground if you’re the kind of player who prefers to play alone. Additionally, it eliminates all server menus and log-in screens so you can enter the action right away.

Marks and coordinates on a map

All markers and waypoints are unlocked as soon as the map marks and coordinates patch is installed. This implies that players are no longer need to use the manual map and can immediately begin pursuing all questlines and pathways.

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The patch also offers coordinates so that users can always know how far away each marker is from them. Purists in exploration may not enjoy the mod, but those seeking a streamlined experience will find it useful.

User and server management using Pippi

Server hosts and admins can modify the game’s standard limitations by using the Pippi user and server management interface. The game’s admins have the power to modify the rules, chat features, map systems, and much more. Instead of adhering to the default server rules found in the main game, it essentially allows hosts to customize the game to their preferences.

Reduced boss power (single player only)

The majority of Conan Exiles’ spectacular boss fights take place in multiplayer, where a group of players band together to take on a single, powerful foe. Each of these bosses’ HP is decreased by this mod so that a solitary player can take them on one-on-one. It substantially alters the dynamic, making boss fights more akin to those in Bloodborne than in Monster Hunter, and vice versa. However, utilizing it outside of single-player mode will make bosses too simple and is not recommended.

UI Changed

The interface of the game has been updated and remixed in The UI Evolved. It provides a simpler, more polished version with some adaptable features for every player. This affects not only other notifications but also how the map is displayed. Though not everyone will like it, some gamers will.

Improved combat

The game’s fighting system is improved with the enhanced combat mod, which switches it from hack and slash to a more tactical and nuanced approach. Think more Dark Souls and less Skyrim. The mod offers an excellent target tracking system and allows players to engage in duels rather than mindless slaughter. This mod will be adored by players that want their PvP to have more flair and skill.

NPC vendors

The NPC traders mod is quite straightforward yet has a significant impact. This mod scatters traders around the highways and forests by taking them from communities.

It implies fewer excursions to town are necessary because you’re likely to encounter one sooner or later. You’ll soon figure out where your preferred traders hang around, and it’s a useful strategy to avoid interfering with gaming.


With the help of this mod, the environment is made more realistic and wildlife is given the freedom to behave naturally. Predators won’t just attack a player when they see them anymore; they’ll also no longer aimlessly track you until they catch you. This mod makes the environment much more entertaining, unexpected, and vibrant by allowing predators to stalk other NPCs, foes, and animals as prey.