Get Started With Help Of This Warpath Guide

Warpath is a management game by the renowned game studio Lilith Games. This game was created by the AFK arena designers. You will manage your military bases, alliances, and your army. Warpath will allow you to manage campaigns and dive into the history Second World War. All this in an intuitive, addictive, and highly addictive game.

The game was released in 2020 and has been a huge success. Warpath is a strategy video game that can both be played in single or multiplayer modes. The game allows you to form military alliances alongside other players.

Let’s get started! We’ll show you how to become an army commander and how to begin in Warpath. This Warpath guide is for beginners.

Warpath Guide for Beginners: The purpose of the game, basic rules

Warpath Unit tier is a strategy and mobile management game. Your army and military units will be managed by you. You will first have to fight Raven’s forces using your tank and soldier units. As you complete the chapters and complete tasks you will be rewarded with virtual currency and new officers that can command your units and air vehicles.

  • You must expand your base to make it invincible, build an army, and collect officers. You must manage all your alliances and supplies.
  • This game of real-time warfare offers a variety of scenarios and unlimited possibilities for military management. You manage your base, army, and resources. You will need to follow a chapter guide that outlines the mandatory actions you should take.

Warpath: Create your first unit

You will only have two units at the start of the game. You must create well-trained and effective units in order to win the Warpath. These troops will be supervised by officers, and you will need to train them and improve their performance over time. This will improve the quality of your troops.

You can choose from Vanguard or Martyrs’ Watch, as well as Freedom. Each camp is equipped with specific capabilities:

  • The Vanguard is all about durability and firepower.
  • Martyrs’ Eve Camp has the endurance and speed of troops.
  • Freedom is able to use its firepower and troop speed.
  • The same unit can be used to increase the level of the camp. This will increase the camp’s level and gain points. Sending an officer on missions can also improve the camp’s level. There are three types of damage that units can deal with. Unarmoured units can inflict personal damage, vehicle damage on armoured vehicles and structural damage to buildings.

It is very important to construct the base. It is, in my opinion, the most important thing about Warpath. To progress in Warpath, you will need to upgrade your base as you complete the tasks. You will most likely need to have different resources in order to get these upgrades. You need these resources to be able to move quickly and improve your base quickly.

There are two options for collecting resources:

Create your resources by simply selecting “Go” for the improvement task that you are interested in. Next, select the missing resource and then click on “produce”. The build queue will allow you to mass-produce the resources.

Then you will have time to wait. You should be careful. If two resources are missing, ensure that they are distributed equally across the queue. This will enable you to use them quickly and speed up your upgrade.

Get them. To do this you’ll need to attack your enemy. Before you make three attacks, we recommend that you train as many units as possible.

Your base will improve faster if your army is stronger. To train your units, you must go to the “Army tab” and select the appropriate officer. You can also give points to your units in order to increase their level. This method is the most efficient, as you earn points every time you close a chapter.

These are your rewards. After your army has been trained, you can move on to the enemy’s airdrops for help and fight! Click on “Collect” to get your missing resources, and build your base more efficiently.
Understanding Warpath’s campaign system

Your first task is to build your base. Before you can access the campaigns, we recommend that you improve your base. This will be a benefit to your army, as an upgrade of your base can mean training your army and exploring new terrain. This aspect will make you more successful than focusing on the campaigns at the beginning.

It’s good to know that building your base and running campaigns is easier with the computer. Refer to our Warpath guide.

Campaigns in Warpath give you many rewards for managing your military base well. It is not easy to win a campaign. It is possible, but not impossible. It all depends on your determination. Start with the Battle of Moscow. This is where you will lead officer Mira Ivanovna Volkova alias White Wolf. This officer will become your third army member. This comes after Sergeant Spanner, Randall Miller, and War Machine. You’ll be able to complete this campaign in a very short time. Don’t rush into it!

We recommend that you train your troops and then go for the Battle of Moscow once you have your third unit. Because it is usually easy to start a campaign. But a campaign is always more difficult at the end. You must be prepared to place your flags in the territory invaded by enemies. You must train as much as you can and increase the level of your units. It is important to choose your units carefully.

Tips: We recommend starting with at least two tanks and two squadrons for the Battle of Moscow.

It is beautiful to live! Warpath can be played horizontally. It can be played on the road as well as in a bed. This game allows for fluid movement and is very easy to use. Your base will be visible in the top view. Your armies will be placed on squares. These squares are where you must move your unit or base.

When you join an all-player alliance, your base can be moved. The alliance will move your base to its terrain. You will then have access to a chat area to exchange ideas with other members!

Another part of the advancement will allow you to fly around the area and conduct air explorations. You should move around as much as you can and stay there for the entire exploration to map the area. This will allow you to locate resources, identify enemy bases, and see the locations of your allies.

Officers in Warpath

You will need to move your troops during battles. Remember that you have the option to attack an enemy troop using one or more units. Always move in a group. To maximize your strikes, keep your units close together. You will also find obstacles between your units and your enemies. Campaigns are more common examples of this. It is important to plan ahead about which units you will use to attack enemy troops. Your units should be moved according to their targets. They move at the exact same speed so they only have a few seconds delay between attacks. These seconds can make all the difference. This is why coordination of your units is so important.

Intuitively manage your army, resources and base

Warpath’s watchword is “first things before others”. As a beginner you may want to be too fast. Rushing is your enemy. You must follow the chapter actions exactly! This will help you be the best in Warpath. You will be more successful if you follow the correct order and do the right dosage according to priority. You must keep your resources, army, and base at the same level of advancement.

If your army is weak, you shouldn’t farm on your base. You will eventually need resources to manage your base. These resources are crucial. These resources will be yours to get by attacking the enemy troops. If your army is weak, you’ll be laminated. To be efficient, it’s all about the dosage. is therefore very important.

Here’s a tip to help you manage your resources. Train your units and start working on the airport construction. Officer Jean Dufort aka Glorious Wings will be responsible for airborne exploratory. To find multiple enemy airdrops, go exploring the area and mapping it. Then, attack them with your super-strong armies and seize their resources!

What mistakes are there not to make in Warpath Guide?

These are the top 5 mistakes that you shouldn’t make when launching Warpath. We don’t want you to continue raving about this game.

To return to the previous point manage your army and resources. You will struggle to move forward if you don’t manage these three areas.

Too many resources. This will increase your supply. To get resources, it is better to attack. You can even find ammunition and healing by attacking.

Do NOT use fortifications during enemy attacks. This is a common mistake. You can still build fortifications by pressing your squadron during an attack. This will reduce the damage.

You believe that tanks are more efficient than squadrons. It is false. Squads live longer. To make your units stronger, level them. Over time, you should add accessories or upgrades to your units.

It’s a loss of patience. It’s a game of patience. It will take hours to master. You will spend hours exploring it, waiting when building, and thinking about your attacks when attacking. Be confident, even if a unit is defeated, it doesn’t mean they are lost. You can win more by taking the chance of defeat.

Now you’re familiar with how to start the mobile gaming game Warpath. Do not hesitate to share your tips and tricks with us in the comments!