These Are The Best Places Where You Can Sell Your Video Games

As somebody who likes to play video games, I understand how much it really costs to purchase brand new games. 1 method I earn money to cover new games is always to sell my own video games which are now not being used.

In the event you’re like me and possess games that are collecting dust, then brush off them and get prepared to sell these online.

1. Decluttr

A favorite site that sells whatever electronic is Decluttr. You’re able to sell video games, game consoles, games, technology apparatus, CDs, and even DVDs.

Additionally, it is likely to market novels and LEGO with this website too.

Theoretically, Decluttr could be more efficient than using a yard sale or record each product separately because they accept numerous diverse products.

To begin, enter the recorder in the game instance. Delivery is absolutely completely free and you’ll be able to get paid by direct deposit, pay pal, or paper test. A free of charge shipping label is going to be delivered for youpersonally.

You just have to market $5 of goods to begin and payment is delivered the following working day after Decluttr receives the own items.

2. Swappa

Want to cut the middle man and market your own games straight to the customer, subsequently, Swappa can be just actually really a superb selection.

Simply create a free account and begin selling. Input the info regarding your game or games console, upload a couple of images, and select an amount. Swappa may also propose pricing predicated on similar products.

Once you’ve established something to market, the Swappa moderation group is going to undoubtedly agree. After approval, your thing is inserted into the Swappa marketplace. If it sells, you receive money via pay pal.

Swappa is quite evident on not needing crap. Every product has list requirements and also an approval process to guarantee shopping.


Still another choice will be to market video games everywhere on Craigslist. This is sometimes probably the very financially lucrative option as you have to keep most of the proceeds. Which usually means no delivery expenses without a “middleman” commission.

Selling locally might need a bigger time investment since you’ll need to react to texts, phone calls, and emails.

Besides, you need to fit the possible buyer in a people location. To improve your vulnerability, you may also think about attempting to sell a Craigslist alternative.

4. GameStop

Every enthusiastic gamer has visited with a GameStop at the least one time within their gambling career. This really is but one of the very successful role-playing movie game store franchises.

GameStop has a massive presence in the gambling world for in person and internet retailers. This usually means that you may sell or even trade in your games on the web or at the regional GameStop store.

If you exchange your old video games set for store credit, you’ll be given a bigger credit since GameStop offers till and including a 60% charge on game transactions.

You May Also market for money or shop credit:

  • Gaming-consoles
  • Accessories
  • Tablets (such as I-pads)
  • Cell telephones
  • Smart-phone

You can also think of using GameStop to market retro video game consoles and accessories. However, you’ll have to go to the community store to market these antiques.

5. Amazon

Amazon enables you to tradein your previous video games or you’re able to sell video games to your third party record. In the event, you require the bucks instantly, pick the trade-in choice to find instant Amazon credit.

You may have the capacity to begin a selling war by setting your price for under the recent sellers. However low or high you price your goods, you must watch for someone to purchase them.

Remember that the Amazon trade-in app does not necessarily possess the maximum price and also selling your games could be lucrative.

6. The Oldschool Game Vault

When you’ve got classic games to market, then you may consider The old school Game Vault. It is possible to sell and buy current and retro titles here for example your older consoles.

Even the old school Game Vault will purchase many games, however, you can find a couple of limits. They won’t purchase any sports games which tend to be greater than many yrs of age.

There’s additionally a $15 minimum order to produce a purchase and free shipping will not start working before you’re attempting to sell at $100 in games and consoles.

Payments are made using pay pal or perhaps even a paper test. Chicago area residents may program an on-site meeting and be given a cash payment.

7. DK Oldies

They have a $20 minimum attempting to sell requirement to get free delivery.

You are also able to receive yourself a 20 percent bonus once you swap your own games to get store credit. Besides store charge, you might likewise be paid by pay pal or check.

There’s just a partial list of games and strategies which DK Oldies is now thinking about buying. In case your certain game isn’t about the list, then you can call or e-mail DK Oldies to find out what the potential price is.

8. eBay

Once you would like to offer your set to the maximum bidder or desire experience of a few of the greatest online market places, strive eBay.

Additionally, it may be a very good alternative if you’d like to offer your game accounts or an in-game product like money or alternative talismans which can be tradeable yet time tested to collect.

Using eBay, you’re able to cause coupon listings, even “Buy It Now” instant sell listings which also permit one to simply just accept counteroffers. Selling on eBay can be a fantastic alternative in the event that you could like to market a package rather than list each product separately.

By way of instance, in the event that you merely desire to market your older Nintendo 3DS together along with your 13-game set to find a higher value and then also save shipping expenses.

When you’ve got an in-demand thing such as a Nintendo Switch look at the newly sold items before steting an amount.

eBay additionally makes it straightforward to produce a storefront if you’d like to develop into a volume seller. Individual sellers may also have 50 complimentary listings every calendar month and seller fees could be more economical than Amazon.

9. Gameflip

Gameflip is just another website that lets you sell digital or physical game goods. For real things, you may sell game disks, game consoles, toys, and accessories.

It is possible to just sell physical items in the event that your home is in the U.S. because Gameflip just ships into U.S. addresses. For electronic things, you may sell in-game skins and items, c d codes and keys, gift cards, and mobile pictures.

You receive paid once the items sell and can send the bodily items straight to the client. It’s likely to draw your profits in any opportunity for you and energy to your own bank accounts, pay pal, or to get Gameflip store charge.

10. PlayerUp

The other website which lets you market participant balances from PlayerUp such as both RPG, sport, activity, and also x-box One and YouTube accounts.

There’s a 3 percent seller’s commission for the majority of earnings which makes utilize of this “Middleman” feature. Prices smaller compared to $10 pay off a $0.99 commission which the owner pays.

Or, you might even trade accounts together along with additional PlayerUp users too.

Before purchasing your game accounts, study the terms and requirements just as perhaps maybe not every game provider lets users sell their accounts fully for RealMoney. In case the maker finds a policy violation, your player accounts can be closed.

11. Facebook Marketplace

Moving your favorite videos out of a heap to sold is pretty easy with the Facebook gaming shop. Start looking for local promotion classes in your community or neighborhood and also combine them.

Attempting to sell at the classes simple. Simply have an image of your thing, clarify it, then list the purchase cost and article. Once uploaded, start looking for your feature to incorporate into additional promotion classes.

In my area, we utilize the expression PP (Porch Pickup) if attempting to sell something. While I set a product, I place it on PP if it’s under $10 and also have the customer leave the money under the mat. We utilize the messenger feature to convey when the game was found and also the purchase is complete.

There’s not any selling fee whenever you make sales.

12. BestBuy

It will be likely to exchange in video games in Best Purchase. You could begin by inputting your game name and realize the existing trade in price.

You’re able to sell games on Best Purchase on the web and offline.

Best Purchase runs promotions that could assist you to conserve cash on fresh purchases whenever you trade-in qualifying games and strategies. 1 case is trading at a PS-4 to find yourself a $10 charge for PS5 games.

1 3. Offer-up

1 local selling program that is gaining popularity is offer-up. This program is an excellent alternate to Facebook market-place and Craigslist.

It’s free of charge to list items and sell whenever you satisfy the client anyplace. Sellers may also send items at the continental U.S. however there’s really just a 12.9% service fee ($1.99 minimum) when the thing sells.

For sold things that require transportation, the buyer pays shipping prices.

1 benefit of using offer-up is that buyers and sellers may cause a profile and render evaluations. It will be potential to steer clear of prospective buyers who have lousy evaluations from prior sellers.

14. eStarland

EStarland promotes the ideal trade-in worth on Earth. It will be likely to sell retro and new video games.

You’re able to sell accessories and systems too. Input the game name to find a quick quotation.

Payment options comprise receiving trade in cash or credit. As with other buy-back websites, you get significantly much more whenever choosing trade in credit. If picking to market, you receive 30 percent less value.

The payment choices for sale games comprise:

In an exceptional spin, eStarland enables you to buy games and also sell games about precisely exactly the exact identical purchase. You have just two weeks to send your games while waiting for the order to arrive.

15. Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is just another option well worth considering new and retro games. But, periodically this stage will not accept trade ins.

It’s possible to see the present cost quote for in-demand games and games.

The 3 payment options include Amazon gift card, pay pal, and newspaper test.


Even though game consoles and titles vary with the changing times, it’s possible to receive money to offer your new or classic video games. Additionally, you certainly may get it online or personally.

Selling older video games is definitely a simple method to generate a fast buck once you declutter your home or as a negative business.