The Best iOS Role playing and Card Games


Apple’s ability to control both the hardware and software of its phones is evident in the best iOS games. The iPhone has become a powerful gaming device thanks to its CPUs and GPUs, as well as the new iOS versions.

It’s easy to find the best iOS games thanks to their wide selection. Complex PC strategy games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI can now be enjoyed alongside more familiar mobile apps like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds. You’ll also find touch inputs that are comparable to what you will get on other gaming platforms.

To find the best iOS games, you have to sort through many titles. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best apps that you can download from the App store. We have avoided games that offer excessive cash shop features and other scourges in mobile gaming. Apple Arcade is Apple’s streaming gaming service that costs $5 per month. We’re also skipping it. This is not to suggest that you should avoid Apple Arcade. It’s an excellent service that complements the iOS experience to a T. We wanted to concentrate on games that any iPhone or iPad user can enjoy.

Some of our top iOS games are better when played with touch inputs while others work better with a controller. However, all of them could make you reach for your smartphone instead of the Nintendo Switch when you feel like playing a great portable game.

Best iOS Games: Role playing games

Role-playing games, or RPGs as they are commonly known, allow you to take on a role and immerse yourself into a new world and epic stories. Some of the best iOS games feature some really creative RPGs. These RPGs open up new worlds, spark imaginations, and take advantage of the high-resolution graphics available on recent iPhones.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers a bit of escapism with a retro aesthetic. It lets you escape the ills of today and live in a small, friendly town. You can also farm, fish, mine and even marry over a dozen people.

The controls of the $499 game are well-suited for mobile as most actions and movements require only one precise tap on your iOS device.


Bastion is one the most beloved indie games ever created. Thankfully, iOS has not lost any of its magic.

The action roleplaying game “The Kid” follows a hero who fights against the floating bastion and upgrades tons of weapons. Bastion’s gameplay is amazing, but the soundtrack, narration and hand-drawn visuals make it even more remarkable.

Bastion’s first episode is free to play. The rest of the game can be purchased for $4.99.

Fallout Shelter

Although resource management games are not uncommon in the App Store, few have the personality of Fallout Shelter. You are responsible for managing a large bunker after a nuclear holocaust.

As your bunker grows, the free app becomes more complicated. You’ll have to make smart decisions about resource allocations and defend yourself against raiders. The best part is that everything is drawn using the Fallout signature style, but you don’t have to be familiar to enjoy the game.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells combines a variety of genres to create an incredibly satisfying platformer. It’s a Metroidvania, a roguelike and has elements from Dark Souls mixed in.

Although the $8.99 game is difficult, it’s not too difficult. Every time you die, you must start over, but at least you can keep the new paths, mutations and abilities that you have learned along the way.

Dead Cells’ touch controls are superb, which is remarkable considering how precise it takes to complete many levels.

Crypts of the Necrodancer

You’ll want headphones to enjoy Cryptof the Necrodancer, a $3.99 dungeon-crawler. It’s not because the music is amazing (although therethat), but because you must move through the dungeons to that beat, synching your attacks and movements to it.

Crypt of the Necrodancer’s unique approach makes both rhythm games and dungeon crawlers feel new.

Best iOS games: Card games

The classic collectible card game is now digital. It has moved from the table in front of you to your iPhone or iPad. You’re never far from a match with the best iOS card games. Even if you are competing against people halfway around the globe.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale borrows a lot from Blizzard’s collectible card game Hearthstone but is different in that the battle cards actually come alive and fight it out on the battlefield.

Clash Royale, based on Supercell’s popular Clash of Clans series allows for team duels and in-game communities. It also offers special events.


Hearthstone was the first game to show that PC and mobile gamers could play against each others (and earn all on shared accounts), and that everything would work out well. The touch controls make this Warcraft-themed card game even more enjoyable than the desktop version. They recreate the feeling of playing with real cards.

The biggest problem? It’s difficult for new players to establish a footing in the community. However, there are still tons of great games to be had here. It’s worth checking out for the animations.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens began as The Oatmeal’s immensely successful Kickstarter-funded physical game card game. It was then made available on smartphones, with much of its eccentricity intact.

To avoid being kicked out, the basic idea behind this game is to quickly draw a defuse cards when you draw a card that has an exploding kitten. It’s loud, well-illustrated, hilarious, and great fun, regardless of whether you’re playing with friends locally or with strangers through online matchmaking. You don’t need to expect any deep strategy. This $1.99 download is all fun and games.

Simulator for Cultists

Cultist Simulator shows that it isn’t easy to be a cultist. This card-based, complex game doesn’t even come with a tutorial. However, it does have a lot of hooks.

The $6.99 Cultist Simulator cards will tell a story rich in Lovecraftian lore, thoughtful choices and more.

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